Zelda Matilda Organic Collection THICKEST SOFTEST Baby Bamboo

The softest towel you will ever find!!

The ultimate luxurious washcloths! Envelope your baby in absolute comfort. Elevate bath time with the most gentle washcloth... read more

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Product Features

  • The absolute SOFTEST, THICKEST, MOST COMFORTABLE AND AMAZING  WASHCLOTHS YOU WILL EVER OWN!! So much better than cotton! These towels actually get softer and softer after every wash! You won't believe that it is possible for these towels to get any softer but they do!
  • Made from premium bamboo these washcloths are naturally hypoallergenic and perfect for a baby's sensitive skin!  Is eczema a  problem? These are a FANTASTIC solution for both  babies and adults!!
  • Tagless so there is nothing scratchy coming near baby's sensitive skin!
  • EXTRA LARGE 10x10 size makes it oh-so comfortable to use.  EXTRA NARROW SIDES! Especially made to help you clean between your baby's toes with NO FUSS OR DISCOMFORT!
  • The PERFECT BABY GIFT! Buy some for yourself, and add some more for your loved ones! THEY WON'T STOP THANKING YOU!! Zelda Matilda is a registered trademark and may only be sold by licensed resellers.

Product Description

The softest towel you will ever find!!

The ultimate luxurious washcloths! Envelope your baby in absolute comfort. Elevate bath time with the most gentle washcloth on the market! Zelda Matilda Bamboo Washcloths are made of premium bamboo and are extra soft and extra thick. The perfect combination for the perfect washcloth.

No more fussiness when drying between toes!

How many times have you given your baby a relaxing bath only to have them burst out crying when you try to dry between their little toes! NO MORE! Zelda Matilda has specially designed narrow edges that easily and comfortably fit between your baby's toes so bath time becomes a pleasure from beginning to end!

Extra thirsty and extra absorbent!

You will not believe how absorbent these washcloths are! Best of all they are completely machine washable! In fact We recommend you wash them in the machine in order to help tighten the weave, and because they will get softer after every wash!

No scratchy taggy!

We have taken off the tag so there is absolutely no part of our washcloth that could cause your baby any discomfort!

It's Bamboo!

Bamboo is not only a sustainable eco friendly product, bamboo is great for your skin as well! It is the perfect choice for anyone with sensitive skin.

Extra large washcloth (but not too big).

10x10 inch washcloth is the ideal size. Not so small that you can barely see it through your fingers but not large enough to be cumbersome! Yet another reason these washcloths are simply AMAZING!!!

The perfect gift for EVERYONE!!.

Perfect for baby showers and birthdays or for anyone. Treat someone that you care about to bathtime luxury! ....read more

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