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Tea Tree Oil Pure Australian Essential Oil 15ml

Is Your Health Important To You?

Here Is The Best All Year Round First Aid Kit In A Bottle

* Antiseptic - will... read more


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Product Features

  • Use in a room difusser, humidifier or a warm bath - a wonderful way to relax and unwind. Add to a spa for total rejuvenation. Use as a steam inhalation to ease stuffy and clogged heads and chests.
  • Add to soaps, bath salts, massage oils, lotions, shampoos, shea butter, candles and light bulb rings. Use for camping, fishing, gardening, travel and in the office. Blend in water to make a spray to rid your pets of fleas in their bedding and around your home.
  • Use with aromatherapy, shiatsu, reflexology, ayurvedic healing, energy healing, bowen therapy, massage, meditation and traditional folk remedies.
  • Aids in the natural healing process of athletes foot, ring worm, boils, skin tags, blisters, insect bites, skin rashes, arthritis, muscle aches, joint pain, flu and minor burns.
  • Our bottle has a eurostopper for individual drops. Comes in an amber bottle to protect contents. FREE Book and VIP Membersip on website. Bottled in USA.

Product Description

Is Your Health Important To You?

Here Is The Best All Year Round First Aid Kit In A Bottle

* Antiseptic - will help clear up skin problems like acne or warts
* Antifungal - the best treatment for athletes foot or fungal toenails
* Antibacterial - eases the pain of rashes, dandruff and blisters
* Antiviral - stops the spread of thrush, colds and flu

Our Tea Tree Oil is Natural

The Tea Tree (Melaleuca alternifolia) has been used as a traditional remedy amongst the Aboriginal people of Australia for many centuries.
It is one of the most useful essential oils to have in your medical cabinet.
Our Tea Tree Oil has come direct from the farm in New South Wales where it has been grown organically, as it has been done for many thousands of years.

There are many ways of using Nature's Finds Tea Tree Oil

* Neat - just dab onto spots that need clearing
* Diffuser - 3-5 drops in water will invigorate and refresh you, your pets and your home
* Massage - 3-5 drops in a carrier oil
* Baths - a few drops in warm water will clear a clogged head and ease your tired aching body
* Steam Inhalation - quickly relieves clogged heads and stuffy noses
* Diluted - a few drops mixed with water and sprayed over pet bedding will eradicate fleas

We can Guarantee the cleanest, purest tea tree oil and offer you a 90 day 100% refund.

It is simple to order right now. Click the Add to Cart button at the top of this page and know you are protecting your family.

Remember, buy two bottles and receive free shipping in US.

Nature's Finds Tea Tree Oil UPC 820103381208

Caution:Use sparingly. Keep away from children, eyes and animals. Consult your health care practitioner for advice. External use only. © ....read more

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