Oral Candidosis

A publication with multiple contributors on the subject of oral candidosis. The wealth of data available on it has been collated in this work, with four broad categories. The first four chapters are on general descriptive accounts of biology, ecology and virulence of candida species whilst the next two outline the interaction between the host and the fungus. Chapter 7 specifically addresses the problem of classifying oral candidoses. Here, the authors have attempted to introduce a new classification of oral candidoses in the light of the clinicopathological data which have accumulated during the last decade or so. Chapters 8 to 11 deal with the acute and chronic oral candidoses in turn and the last group of chapters addresses the laboratory diagnosis of oral candidosis and antifungal agents. In the final chapter the authors have tried to present an overview of the major problems facing future research, together with suggestions on how these may be solved. ....read more