Olive Vaginal Spray Homeopathic by Seagate 1 oz

All-natural homeopathic vaginal spray for irritations that can also be associated with yeast including: abnormal discharge; soreness; odor; swelling; itching; and redness. finally there is an... read more

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Product Features

  • For the relief of vaginal irritations that can be associated with yeast including:Abnormal discharge, Odor, Redness, Swelling, Itching and Soreness
  • All-natural homeopathic medicine that can offer relief from a variety of vaginal irritations, both internal and external
  • Offers an alternative to the harsh chemicals found in many over-the-counter vaginal yeast medications
  • Tapered tip allows for comfortable application and includes (10) Replacement Applicators
  • Provides an approx. total of 200 sprays per bottle

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One Response to “Olive Vaginal Spray Homeopathic by Seagate 1 oz”

  1. Hinako says:

    I have discovered, after being a UTI sureffer for 10 years followed by IC, that hightened yeast/fungus (Candida) in my body from longtime overuse of antibiotics and a bad diet were the cause for my suffering of uti’s and IC. After doing a Candigone and Canizyme Cleanse by Renew Life I have brought the natural flora in my intestinal tract, bladder lining, and vaginal lining back to what they are suppose to be. Now even my natural hormone replacement is working well and with added 80 billion probiotics daily for maintenance and a healthier diet I am back to myself without any symptoms of IC or recurring UTI’s. It even cured my lifelong constipation. I hope this information will help women with the same problems.

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