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Unprotected, the vast majority of live probiotics entering the stomach won't survive to reach optimal sites in the gastrointestinal tract.

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  • ♥︎ DEFEND AGAINST UTIs and YEAST INFECTIONS: Lactobacilli shield the vagina by producing lactic acid, which lowers the pH of the vagina, making it slightly acidic and inhospitable to pathogens. Our proprietary probiotic blend also contains Cran-Gyn and D-Mannose. Cran-Gyn, with cranberry extract, promotes urinary tract health naturally by making it harder for bad bacteria and yeasts to adhere. D-mannose (Birch tree extract) works to inhibit E-coli related urinary tract issues.
  • ♥︎ CONTROL CANDIDA OVERGROWTH: This yeast fungus, which naturally occurs in the body, can overgrow when there is an imbalance in gut bacteria. Replenishing your good bacteria is the best way to control yeast and candida overgrowths by addressing these issues at their root.
  • ♥︎ IMPROVE MOOD: ︎80-90% of serotonin, the brain's feel-good hormone, is produced by nerve cells in the gut. There is increasing evidence that brain chemistry is directly linked to intestinal flora, and an imbalance, or lack of good bacteria, can impact psychological issues such as depression and anxiety. What's Your Gut Feeling?
  • ♥︎ PATENTED DELIVERY TECHNOLOGY: Significantly more effective than capsules. BIO-tract® delivery technology offers controlled release of active ingredients. Patented in 33 countries worldwide (U.S. Patent No. 8,007,777)
  • ♥︎ MADE IN THE USA. Non-GMO, Yeast Free, No Gluten, No Sugar, No Lactose, No Soy, No Wheat, No Nuts, No Chemicals or Preservatives, No Artificial Colors or Flavors. Oh, and we package our probiotics with Organic Cotton!

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