Intimate Rose Boric Acid Suppositories pH Balance for

Say Goodbye to Yeast Infections and Bacterial Vaginosis

Yeast infection getting you down? Sort it out fast with Intimate Rose Boric Balance-the best yeast infection treatment.

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Product Features

  • EVERYTHING YOU NEED IN 1 KIT: Contains 30 vaginal suppositories and 7 plastic applicators for vaginal insertion (do not swallow); vegan capsules dissolve faster than gelatin.
  • FAST ACTING: Boric Acid suppositories bacterial vaginosis treatment quickly changes vaginal pH to prevent bacteria causing odor and discharge; reduce vaginal itching in as little as 24 hours; feel fresh, clean, and confident.
  • BACKED BY SCIENCE: Many alternative feminine hygiene products are ineffective, but Boric Acid is proven to quickly restore pH balance for women.
  • PURITY GUARANTEED: Our pharmaceutical-grade Boric Acid is a natural yeast infection treatment made in an FDA-registered facility right here in the USA to ensure a safe and non-toxic formula for BV treatment for women.
  • USE IN COMFORT: Insert using applicator, does not hurt or burn, gentle solution to restore vaginal health; stay clean and dry (unlike with gel or cream).

Product Description

Say Goodbye to Yeast Infections and Bacterial Vaginosis

Yeast infection getting you down? Sort it out fast with Intimate Rose Boric Balance-the best yeast infection treatment.

This gentle Bacterial Vaginosis treatment for women contains 600mg of medical-grade Boric Acid made in an FDA-registered facility in the USA, and it works quickly to restore your comfort and confidence.

Restore Your Vaginal pH Balance-Fast

Things not right down there? Boric Acid for BV is a chronic yeast infection treatment that changes vaginal pH to prevent bacteria from causing odor and discharge.

Get fast relief from bacterial vaginosis (BV), vaginal pH imbalance, and vaginal itching.

With this yeast infection medicine you could experience relief in as little as 24 hours. This could mean a 1 day yeast infection treatment, or it could take a few days, depending on the infection.

Convenient and Comfortable

Use a plastic applicator to insert the Boric Acid suppositories for BV vaginally (DO NOT SWALLOW). Using the Boric Acid vagical suppositories is easy, comfortable, and just like inserting a tampon.

- Does not hurt or burn
- Cau use even during and after your period
- Can use with an IUD
- Vegan capsules dissolve faster than gelatin
- Restore pH balance for women
- Panties stay clean and dry (unlike with gels and creams)

However, you should not douche or have sex while using yeast infection suppositories.

Why Boric Acid?

Boric Acid is backed by science for yeast infection prevention. While some alternative products are used for the same purpose, they don't work as well. Boric Acid vaginal treatment is proven to reduce discomfort fast.

Get Your Confidence Back

Don't be uncomfortable all day long. Sort it out the easy way! Try Intimate Rose Boric Balance today and don't suffer from Bacterial Vaginosis or yeast infections anymore. more

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