Intimate Rose Boric Acid Suppositories pH Balance for

Say Goodbye to Yeast Infections and Bacterial Vaginosis

Yeast infection getting you down? Sort it out fast with Intimate Rose Boric Balance-the best yeast infection treatment.

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Product Features

  • EVERYTHING YOU NEED IN 1 KIT: Contains 30 vaginal suppositories and 7 plastic applicators for vaginal insertion (do not swallow); vegan capsules dissolve faster than gelatin.
  • FAST ACTING: Boric Acid suppositories bacterial vaginosis treatment quickly changes vaginal pH to prevent bacteria causing odor and discharge; reduce vaginal itching in as little as 24 hours; feel fresh, clean, and confident.
  • BACKED BY SCIENCE: Many alternative feminine hygiene products are ineffective, but Boric Acid is proven to quickly restore pH balance for women.
  • PURITY GUARANTEED: Our pharmaceutical-grade Boric Acid is a natural yeast infection treatment made in an FDA-registered facility right here in the USA to ensure a safe and non-toxic formula for BV treatment for women.
  • USE IN COMFORT: Insert using applicator, does not hurt or burn, gentle solution to restore vaginal health; stay clean and dry (unlike with gel or cream).

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