FloraFemme Vaginal Probiotic Suppository Clinical Strength 57+ Billion

Rebalance - Refresh - Relief! FREE Shipping on all U. S. orders - 30-day money-back guarantee! FloraFemme is the most powerful women's probiotic on the market today. It has more than 57 billion CFUs... read more

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Product Features

  • Helps promote normal vaginal pH, which helps avoid conditions like BV (bacterial vaginosis) that cause odor, discharge, irritation/itching. For restoration and maintenance of vaginal acidity. Excellent for prevention, and maintenance of proper vaginal flora. Perfect before/after intimacy - eliminates vaginal odor.
  • Contains 11 super-strain probiotics - more than 57 billion CFUs, up to 10 times more effective than other products
  • Works faster because it is directly applied, avoiding the lengthy digestive process
  • FloraFemme is much less expensive because it requires far fewer applications than other products.
  • 100% natural - Vegan-friendly - Never tested on animals - No fillers or magnesium stearate - FREE shipping on U. S. orders - WARNING!! Ladies, please be aware of counterfeit FloraFemme being sold here from unauthorized sellers. We are the only authorized seller of our vaginal probiotic, and encourage you to be very cautious and suspect, as you could receive fake product, or worse, something tampered with if you order from anyone other then FloraFemme. Thank you all so much for your loyalty and business! xoxo-FloraFemme Customer Service

Product Description

Rebalance - Refresh - Relief! FREE Shipping on all U. S. orders - 30-day money-back guarantee! FloraFemme is the most powerful women's probiotic on the market today. It has more than 57 billion CFUs of super-strain probiotics - more than 10 times most other products - that are specifically targeted to help rebalance your vagina's delicate microflora. A normal vaginal pH helps avoid problems like BV (bacterial vaginosis), yeast infections, odor, itching and discharge. Relief is on the way! If you've had enough of that fishy smell, discharge or itching that's the result of an out-of-balance vaginal pH, FloraFemme probiotic suppositories can help. Here's how: Normally, a healthy vagina is acidic - anywhere from about 3.5 - 4.5 pH. When this optimal balance is disrupted (usually by way of infection, antibiotics, spermicides, douching, etc.) the pH level can go up, causing that desirable acidic state to become too alkaline. Yeast and bad bacteria multiply quickly in this environment, causing that awful odor, discharge, irritation and itching. FloraFemme was created after years of research and testing. It's designed to promote a healthy bacteria and yeast balance in the vagina, helping you stay fresh and clean-feeling. FloraFemme works much more quickly than supplements you swallow because it's in suppository form. By inserting the capsules directly into the vagina, relief doesn't have to wait for a pill to make it all the way through your digestive system! Using just 6 FloraFemme vaginal suppository capsules for 6 nights (1 per night) helps to calm down that overgrowth of bad bacteria and yeast, which helps to get your pH back to a normal level and maintain a proper balance of good vaginal flora. FloraFemme is all-natural and vegan-friendly. If necessary, treatment can safely be prolonged or repeated, especially if dealing with a stubborn issue. Don't suffer one more day ... get FloraFemme and get relief! Patent pending. ....read more

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