Boric Acid Suppositories 100% Pure Boric Acid 600mg

Here's The Full-Proof Solution To Those Dreadful Vaginal Yeast Infections!

Fed up with fighting off the uncomfortable symptoms of recurring yeast infections?

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Product Features

  • NATURAL & FAST WORKING YEAST INFECTION TREATMENT - If you simply cannot deal with the pain, dryness, irritation and itchiness of recurring vaginal yeast infections, give these Boric Acid Suppositories a try and regain your lost health and confidence!
  • THE SMART DECISION FOR FEMININE HEALTH! - Formulated specifically for women, these Boric Acid Vaginal Capsules contain 600mg of pure boric acid, which is exa ctly the dosage you need to fight off those infections. Ask any doctor and they'll tell you the exact same!
  • 100% VAGINAL RELIEF OR YOUR MONEY BACK! - Give our vaginal yeast infection treatment a try and if they fail to relieve your symptoms or they disappoint you in ANY way, simply get in touch with us and rest assured your purchase is covered under our 100% Money - Back Guarantee
  • A SIMPLE, YET HIGHLY EFFECTIVE SOLUTION! - No pain, no discomfort,Just insert a boric acid vaginal suppository before you go to bed for 7 consecutive days and the symptoms are bound to subside. If they don't, repeat for another 7 days and it will surely put an end to your symptoms
  • OPTIMIZE YOUR PH LEVELS & PROMOTE BALANCE! - Designed to soothe and relieve the vaginal area, our boric acid vaginal capsules work by balancing the pH of your sensitive area and eliminating irritation and discomfort!

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