#1 Candida Support for Women by Vimulti. Helps

If you are tired of creams and prescriptions every time you get that feminine itch or odor try Vimulti Candida support with naturally proven ingredients which help combat odor and itchiness causing... read more

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Product Features

  • Helps Eliminate Odor, Itchiness, Discharges Naturally Helping Support The Normal Vaginal Flora (bacteria) and Creating A Perfect Balance For Optimal Feminine Hygiene.
  • Scientifically Prove To Destroy Various Candida Strains As Proven in The Canadian Journal of Microbiology in 2008.Natural Oils found in Oregano Showed helpful In Suppoprting a Haelthy Vaginal Area.
  • All Natural Helps Prevent and Reduce Odors Casued by Imbalances.PACKED WITH 10 HIGHLY EFFECTIVE INGREDIENTS- numerous studies show these ingredients support the body in cleansing and balancing both the female system and urinary tract. No more filling your medicine cabinet with multiple treatments that don't work for all your feminine needs!
  • Now With Aloe Vera and Other Natural ingredients To Improve Dryness
  • Send it Back if not 100% Satisfied.

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